Talks & Lectures

Available for fundraisers, civic groups, schools, museums, libraries, historical societies, business & government functions, etc.


  • The Polyculturalism of Mickey Free, Apache Captive 
  • Arizona Trifecta: The Murderers of James Leavy
  • The Gunmen, Mentors and Hard-Cases of Pioche, Nevada
  • Apache Raiding and Warfare in the 19th Century Southwest
  • The Earp/Clanton War
  • "The Most Shot-Up Man I Ever Saw": The Killing of Frank Stilwell by the Earp Vendetta Posse
  • Apache Pass, The Bascom Affair and Fort Bowie in Arizona Territory
  • Frontier Violence in Myth and Reality
  • HMAV Bounty: Mutiny and Myth
  • Fryer, Bligh and Christian of HMAV Bounty
  • British Encounters in the 18th Century South Pacific
  • A Brief History of Southwestern Archaeology
  • Territorial Arizona: The Crime and Violence
  • Captives and Their Roles in the Apache Wars
  • Tucson's Prize Bandit of 1878: "Brazen" Bill Brazelton
  • Australia and America: A Comparative Frontier History
  • Those Damned Aussies: The Sydney Ducks Gang of Gold Rush San Francisco
  • With Razors in Hand: The Rocks Push Gang of Early Sydney Harbour
  • Gambler Cortes: The Turbulent Journey of Conquistador Hernan Cortes and the Fall of the Aztecs
  • Bligh the Brave or Bligh the Bastard? The Voyage of the Bounty's Launch 
  • Ringo, Curly Bill and the other Cochise County Cow-Boys.
  • Lt. Gatewood and the Hunt for Geronimo
  • The Tragedy and Dishonor of an American Hero: Lt. Charles Gatewood
  • Crime, Murder & Violence in Historic Paragould, Arkansas
  • The Life and Crimes of James Trammell in Arkansas and Australia
  • The Life and Times of Irish Gunman James Leavy


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