Published Works

Internationally-circulated articles, columns, book reviews and more have been published in:


True West Magazine

Wild West Magazine

Journal of the West

The Tombstone Epitaph: National Edition

Journal: Wild West History Association

Poinsett County Democrat Tribune (Arkansas)

Weatherford Democrat (Texas)

The Bounty Magazine

Paragould Daily Press (Arkansas)

Washington Times

Greene County Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly (Arkansas)


Main Street Mayhem: Crime, Murder & Justice in Downtown Paragould (with a foreword by Dan Stidham) 2016.

Burnt Powder & Rough Justice: Real Stories from the Violent West (2016.)

    Gamblers, Guns & Gavels: Collected Works on Arizona Gambling Violence (with a foreword by Peter Brand and an Epilogue by Casey Tefertiller) 2015.

Feature & Scholarly Articles

         'Looking for Doc in Dallas', True West Magazine (December 2001).

         'Borderman Harry RamseyLife of Texan who shot and killed high desert desperado Phil Foote in 1895 Nevada', Weatherford Democrat (2016).

publication descriptionLife of Texan who shot and killed high desert desperado Phil Foote in 1895 Nevada

         'James Leavy: Here is Our Game', Wild West Magazine (February 2015). *** Award-winning article***

         Can be found here:

         '"Yes, Here I Am Again!" Tucson's Prize Bandit of 1878: William W. Brazelton', Wild West History Association Journal (October 2010).

         'James Lee: Portrait of an Arizona Pioneer', The Tombstone Epitaph: National Edition (February 2011).

        'Reflections on Arizona's 'Lonely Half-Acre': Charles Fletcher Lummis at Fort Bowie's Historic Post Cemetery' National Tombstone Epitaph (2015).

        'The Stilwell Shooting Near the Tucson Depot Was Called, 'Quick Vengeance & Murder', Wild West Magazine (December 2011).

         'No Honor Following Officer's Deal for Geronimo's Surrender', The Tombstone Epitaph: National Edition (January 2013).

         'Mickey Free: Apache Captive & Free Man' Wild West Magazine (August 2013).

        'Be Careful, Geronimo is Nearby': A Texas Cattleman Witnesses the End of the Apache Wars' National Tombstone Epitaph (2015).

         'Lev Terry: 20th Century Lawman' Weatherford Democrat (2015).

        'The Australian Connection: How a 1909 Paragould Murder Created a First Generation Australian Family' Paragould Daily Press (2014).

         *** Award-winning article*** 

         Can be found here:

        'Narratives Examine Geronimo's 1886 Surrender', The Tombstone Epitaph: National Edition (October 2013).

        'Savagery on Savage Creek', Weatherford Democrat (October 2013).

         'He's Your Huckleberry: The North Texas Travels of Doc Holliday', Weatherford Democrat (November 2013).

        'Gunfight on the Green Cloth: Weatherford Deputy Marshals Burn Hot Lead With Local Ranch Hands in Classic Old West Gun Battle', Weatherford Democrat (December 2013).

         'Lone Star Loyalty: Fort Worth Businessmen and Their Story of Allegiance to the Earp Brothers in Tombstone', Weatherford Democrat (January 2014).

         'To Never Shirk a Duty: The Life and Legacy of Weatherford's Favorite Western Son, Bose Ikard', Weatherford Democrat (February 2014).

         'Brazen William Brazelton: Tracking an Elusive Western Stage Robber', The Tombstone Epitaph: National Edition (March 2014).

         'Death at the Depot: The Murder of Texas Ranger Homer White', Weatherford Democrat (March 2014).

         'Johnny Murphy: Irish Gambler on the Arizona Frontier', Wild West History Association Journal (July 2014).

         A synthesized version of this paper can be found here:


         'When the Roulette Wheels Spun Until Dawn: The Venerable Crystal Palace Saloon' National Tombstone Epitaph (2014).

         'David Gibson: Boy Soldier, Gambler, Man-Killer', Wild West History Association Journal (August 2014).

         'The McLaury Brothers: From Texas to Tombstone' (three-part series), Weatherford Democrat (2013).

         '"Nervy" Phil Foote: Hell Raiser of the High-Desert & the Amargosa', Journal of the West (Fall 2016).

         'Leo Schmucker: Lawman in the Transitional West & The Lewis Reynolds Killers' GCHGS Quarterly and WWHA Journal (2014).

         'Narratives Examine Geronimo's Final Surrender' National Tombstone Epitaph (2013).

         'The Top & Bottom Gang in Arizona: A Documentary History' WWHA Journal (2014).

         'Adam Parker: A Short and Violent Life' Weatherford Democrat (2014).

         'Mysterious Voyage of the Mercury: In the Wake of the Bounty Mutiny the Brigantine's Role Remains Unclear', The Bounty Magazine (Fall 2016). 


         'Fresh Light on the Death of Highwayman Bill Brazelton: A Critical Review of Secondary Sources' Journal of the West (Winter 2017).

... Plus many, many more!!!

Citations & Acknowledgements


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          Chronicle of the Old West Weekly Radio Show (#412) October 15-21, 2012. "Mickey Free"               
          (internationally-syndicated broadcast)

          Weatherford Democrat feature interview (2013)
          Paragould Daily Press feature interview (2016)

KAIT (Jonesboro, Arkansas ABC affiliate) 'The Great Escapes: Paragould Historian Uncovers Truth About 100-Year-Old Murder Case (with Allison Munn), 2016. *** Can be found here: