About Erik:

Erik Wright has more than thirteen years of proven success as a published historian and historical consultant. A former Southwestern archaeologist and journalist, Erik is now recognized by many as an authority on Borderlands violence.

 A contributing writer for the National Tombstone Epitaph, Weatherford Democrat and Mineral Wells Index, and former copy editor for the WWHA Journal, Erik continues to write extensively on western and borderlands law and disorder and has special interests Earp-era Tombstone, the Apache Wars, the Texas Rangers, frontier gamblers and Australian banditry.

Erik is working on completing his first book, Arizona Lore & Disorder: The Selected Works of Erik J. Wright, 2001-2014. The book should be available through the author and through selected outlets in Arizona by late fall 2014. 

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Professional Historical Consultation / Speaking Engagements / Records & Archival Searches / Tutoring / Writing / PowerPoint Presentations / Tours & more.



  • Pitcairn & Norfolk Islands Society (U.K.), (Past Member)
  • Greene County Historical & Genealogical Society (Past Member)
  • Wild West History Association (Past Member)
  • Chicago Corral of Westerners (Past Contributing Member)
  • English Westerners' Society (Past Member)
  • Adobe Corral of Westerners (Past Member)
  • Arizona Archaeological Council (Past Member)
  • Arizona Geological Society (Past Member)



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"Erik Wright is a gifted author and historical researcher whose work has been published regularly in the USA. His interests are diverse – covering American frontier history and also the history of the Bligh Mutiny on the Bounty. He is known for his thorough research and ability to seek out important primary source documents. Erik is also an accomplished and engaging presenter who speaks with authority on his chosen topics." -- Peter Brand, Earp/Tombstone Historian & Author - Sydney (Australia)

Erik is an excellent researcher. When faced with a difficult project, he doesn’t back down or give up. If he isn’t able to find an answer immediately, he tries new avenues and will seek out new directions. He isn’t afraid to put in the hard work and long hours that in-depth research requires. Additionally, Erik is a great writer. He is able to easily put his thoughts on paper and express his thoughts. Erik is enjoyable to work with and he has the personality and knowledge to succeed in any project he undertakes.” -- Jill McCleary, Collections Librarian at Arizona Historical Society, Tucson (Ariz.)

"He [Erik Wright] is well-regarded by his peers for proper use of historical methodology." -- Paul Cool, Borderlands Historian/Author

"I recommend him without any hesitation." -- Roy B. Young, Western Historian/Author/Editor, Wild West History Assn. Journal

"Erik conducts archival research with great fervor, and he produces excellent scholarship." -- Shannon Sawyer, Scholar (University of North Texas)

"Erik's grasp of history is amazing. He is able to sift through the chaff that collects through the years keeping the facts accurate and easy to follow for the reader or listener." -- Jeff Wright, Business Professional

"Erik instantly won my trust in his knowledge of Arizona History which put him at the top on my list of Historians." -- Soni Cido, Independent Historian/Researcher

 Paragould, Arkansas | 520-260-0303

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